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Discover the GERYS 4.7 Foil dinghy, a new generation of foil dinghy that sails further and faster.

It is not only a concentrate of technological innovation and design. It is a boat with purist lines. It sails both on the sea and on the lake and flies over the water from a wind speed of 7/8 knots. This dinghy is easily adaptable to your rhythm and level, providing stability and safety to its user. In addition, it is extremely easy to handle, whether loading, launching, mast setting, sail setting and, of course, sailing itself. The production takes place in Brittany, where the developers Erwan and Raphael Censier who are passionate about water sports and boat building, have conceived, developed and tested the dinghy.

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Fancy taking off on a sail and flying over the waves?

So-called hydrofoils have revolutionised sailing and made it possible to fly above the water from around 8 knots of wind speed:

Foiling is the future