Group lesson for 2 persons or more

Group lesson for 2 persons


Do you want to learn or discover sailing on a foiling dinghy? Would you like to share this experience with your partner? Or would you simply like to experience a new activity during your stay in Engadin? Here is the perfect offer for you:

Visit the only foil sailing school in Engadin. We start with 2 hours, and if you feel like sailing longer, you can book additional hours with the package. After this first course, you will have your first minutes of flight behind you and will certainly have even more desire to continue this activity. Sailing in the Engadine has never been so exciting!

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Fancy taking off on a sail and flying over the waves?

So-called hydrofoils have revolutionised sailing and made it possible to fly above the water from around 8 knots of wind speed:

Foiling is the future